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Perfect Fix: Epic games launcher unsupported graphics card

Seamless Gaming: Resolve 'Unsupported Graphics Card' errors in Epic Games Launcher to get back to your epic adventures with our comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

In this article we will discuss about the how to fix Epic games launcher unsupported graphics card with basic steps to advanced steps.

Method 1 : Device Manager.

Device Manager is place where you see all drives. In device Manager you can update the driver Manually if you are facing problem a problem in your PC.
You can Update the Drivers using Search from Internet, Search from Windows Update or Driver you have in your PC related to function that driver performs.
Along with that you can roll back you driver as well if  you start getting the problem since your Updated your Windows or Driver.
Follow the given steps to Update the driver or Roll Back the Drives for Unsupported Graphic Card.

a) Update Driver.

Step 1: Click on Windows icon on your Screen. ( Left bottom) 
Step 2: Select Device Manager. 
Step 3: In Device Manager Double Click on Display Adaptor. 
Step 4: Select the Driver and do a right Click. 
Step 5: From the Options Select Update Driver. 
Step 6: You will get a screen by asking how you want to search drive? 
Step 7: Select Search Automatically for Drivers. 
Step 8: It will take some time and Install the best driver in your PC. 
Step 9: You can select the option to update drive from Windows update too. 
Step 10: To select the driver from your Computer. 
Step 11: Do a the same thing do a right click on the selected driver. 
Step 12: Click on Update Drive. 
Step 13: From the Search for Drivers window select Browse my computer for drives. 
Step 14: Now you will get the another window. 
Step 15: Select Let me pick from Available Drives on my Computer. 
Step 16: Now you will get a window the select device Driver. 
Step 17: From Show Compatible Hardware select the driver.
 Step 18: Click Next to install the driver. 
Step 19: It will take sometime to install on your PC. 
Step 20: After installing it’s Done.

b. Roll Back Driver.

Step 1: Do a right click on the selected drive. 
Step 2: Select Properties. 
Step 3: Now you will get the property window of Driver. 
Step 4: Click on Driver Tab. 
Step 5: Next to Update Driver you will get Roll Back Drive Button. 
Step 6: It will take sometime to roll back your driver. 
Step 7: Let it be and after roll back Restart your computer.
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Method 2: Download Drive Manually.

To download the driver first you have to know which graphic Hardware Component you have install in your Computer.
Step 1: Press windows icon and R on your keyboard. 
Step 2: You will get the RUN windows. 
Step 3: Type the shortcut  dxdiag Program. 
Step 4: It will open DirectX Diagnostic Tool. 
Step 5: Click on Display Tab next to System Tab. 
Step 6: Under Device you can see the Name of your Graphics Card. 
Step 7: Once you know the Driver Name open the Browser. 
Step 8: Type Download ( Complete Name of your Driver ) Driver. 
Step 9: Watch the Video in the end to understand Better.

Method 3: Download DirectX Properties Program.

DirectX Properties Program is an emulator which diagnose the Program or application in your Computer and restore it.
Step 1: Click on the above Download button to download the DirectX Control Panel. 
Step 2: After download open the DirectX Control Panel. 
Step 3: You will get the windows of User Access Control. 
Step 4: Click Yes to Verify the Program. 
Step5: Now we have to find the location a Epic Game Launcher Application. 
Step 6: Do Right Click on Epic Games Launcher and Select Open File Location. 
Step 7: From the Top Bar click in it and copy the location of Epic Games Launcher. 
Step 8: After copying the location click on Edit List. 
Step 9: Next Enter a process or Folder Name box you will get three dots. 
Step 10. Click on three dots. 
Step 11: It will open the windows to select the Program. 
Step 12: On the top bar paste the Location. 
Step 13: Afterwards press Enter. 
Step 14: Select the Epic Games Launcher Program and click on Open. 
Step 15: Click OK in Executable List. 
Step 16: Leave Debug Layer to Application Controlled. 
Step 17:  In Device Settings Check the Force WARP and Disable Feature Level Upgrade. 
Step 18: Now from Feature Level Limits select 11_1. 
Step 19: Click on Apply and OK. 
Step 20: After try to open the application to check it’s working fine.
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