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Corki’s Makeover: The Next Chapter in League of Legends

In the ever devloping world of League of Legends, Riot Games give there best for continuous efforts to keep the game fresh and engaging. One such recent seek is the rework of the know beloved character, Corki.

The Corki Puzzle.

Corki, once a controlling force in the bottom lane, had been position to a mid-laner role over time. Despite the popularity in professional games, many players found him “boring to watch” and “useless” in solo queue. This led Riot Games to take off on a mission to give new and improved form to Corki, aiming to make him more feasible and exciting.

The Rework: Patch 14.10.

Source: eagueoflegends.com

The rework, introduced in Patch 14.10, brings a hold of changes to Corki’s abilities. The most noteable change is the removal of his passive ability, The Package. While this may possibly seems like a loss, it’s repaid by an increase in power in other aspects of his kit.

Corki’s Q – Phosphorus Bomb now got a missile speed increase and buffed AD ratio.

His W – Valkyrie turned to minimum range of 300, and his E – Gatling Gun now holds purely physical damage. The cooldown of Gatling Gun has also set on decreased, and the resist shred has been polised.

Possibly user finds the most interesting changes to his R – Missile Barrage.

The ability now deals physical damage, and basic attacks against champions refund ammo recharge time. This refund can “crit”, resulting in a significant reduction in recharge time.

The Impact
These changes are suppose to shift Corki back to the bot lane, making him a more Flexible and appealing champion. The shift to the package and the changes to his abilities aim to remove his safe scaling options and make him more playable for users.


The Corki improvement is highly testament to Riot Games’ of dedication to keeping League of Legends spiriful and engaging. It will be interesting to knwo how these changes will play out in game and how players finds to the new Corki. Only time will tell the rework bring Corki back into the limelight.

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