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What to do & what not to do to remain safe in public wifi

Stay Secure on Public Wi-Fi: Learn the Best Practices for Safe Internet Usage, Including Tips to Protect Your Data, Avoiding Risks, and Ensuring a Private Online Experience. Discover What to Do and What Not to Do to Safeguard Your Information on Public Networks.

Most of the time we do not know the Wi-Fi name of the place like a hotel, coffee shops, airports, transport restaurants, libraries, etc.

We simply connect our PC or Mobile Phone to the Wi-Fi with the name of the location we are in, like the name of the Wi-Fi with the name of the hotel or if says official_hotel_Name. We should have to ask the correct name of the Wi-Fi and then we have to connect our devices.

I have listed some important points which you have to remember before connecting to any public Wi-Fi and I hope you will follow these preliminary steps to remain safe and secure.

Q.  How to stay safe on public wifi?

  • You should have to know the name of the Wi-Fi.
  • If Wi-Fi has any kind of security code or password for every user than that will be really great.
  • You shouldn’t have to connect your Mobile phone will open Wi-Fi.
  • Connect your device for a short time of period.
  • If possible then use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). There are lots of free VPN available to download from the Apple store and Google play store for the Mobile phone user.
  • I Recommend you to use paid and affordable application for better connections. As per my recommendation you should have to user PIA Software.

Q. How to stay safe on public wifi if you want to use your laptop?

You can create your own Wi-Fi hotspot if you want to connect your PC/Table with the mobile phone data plan. The most important thing you have to keep in mind that you have to set up your Mobile Phone Hotspot on WPA2 PSK.

It’s really easy to set up your mobile phone hotspot. You have to click on Wi-Fi Hotspot and it will turn “ON” but before turning on your Wi-Fi hotspot always click on Setup Wi-Fi hotspot with selecting security to WPA2 PSK.

There are lots of other things which you have to keep in mind if we want to remain secure.

1. What is Public Wi-Fi?

We all know open Wi-Fi is a kind of free Wi-Fi by which we can connect and explore the internet. Public Wi-Fi is mostly offered for free by the hotel, coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, etc.

The Wi-Fi which does not contain a password is also known as public Wi-Fi because anyone can connect with your Wi-Fi instantly.

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2. Why Public Wi-Fi is not safe?

There is a really simple answer to this question is, because everyone can connect to the Wi-Fi easily and that’s the reason why it’s left vulnerable.

Let’s take an example; you are in a restaurant where you have access to public Wi-Fi.
You have connected your mobile phone with public Wi-Fi and start hopping to your social media account, banking, etc.

On the other hand, there is another person who connected his laptop with the same restaurant Wi-Fi. What he/she will do now? He will open his data collecting software and start collecting all the data which is processing through that internet network.

Now as at on same time, if you logged in to your social media account or to banking than he/she will be going to have your user name and password instantly saved in his software along with the mac address of your devices.

This was the one scenario I am aware of; however, there are lots of another thing which he/she can do if they got connected to your devices via public Wi-Fi.

They can also create a hotspot with the same name as the restaurant so anyone can connect and he/she has your private data collected, however, there is one catch.

They will never use a password in there hotspot. So, if you will see a Wi-Fi that says unsecure then do not connect your devices.

The best thing you can do is to ask the Name of the Wi-Fi and password which is provided by the restaurant and do not save that Wi-Fi password if you are a regular visitor of that place.

I know you want to know why you shouldn’t have to save the password of that place. I have a really good answer to this question.

3.What are the risks associated with using public Wi-Fi?

As I already, discussed most of the scenarios which occur when you connect your devices to public Wi-Fi. Now I am going to tell you about unwanted take over which usually happen when you connect your device to public wifi.

a. Packet Analyzer: I have denoted this software with the name of Packet analyzer so that you can understand what this software can do and there will be no promotion for these type of software.

The packet analyzer checks the information flowing through the internet and decodes that information into a format so that he/she can read it. 

It’s like when you are surfing your internet via a browser like chrome. They are standing between you and website server like a person in the middle who knows everything that what is transmitting on the internet. (like Uploading, downloading, what you are sharing, watching, Banking details like Username and password, etc.)

b. Evil Twin: The Evil twin is like someone created a Wi-Fi hotspot with the same name of Wi-Fi running in location. For example, if you are in the Hotel (with the name of ABC Hotel) and Hotel Wi-Fi name is “ABC-Wi-Fi” than they will create the same hotspot with the same “ABC-Wi-Fi “. By doing this they can ask your Credit Card Information as showing them as legitimate. 

Evil twin Wi-Fi is not only to monitor traffic. It also uses to fetch your important information like Credit Card, Email Account username and password from your browser, etc.

c. Sidejacking: Sidejacking is created to take over a web server by having your username and password. They control your session remotely and attack the web servers by using your credentials.

It’s like Packet Analyzer to monitor your traffic and steal your session cookies. These type of attack mostly use to steal your private information which includes – Social security number, username, password of Facebook or Email, Credit Card Details, Your Name, location, and address.

d. Man in the middle attack: It’s an attack where attackers completely change the interaction between you and the replies of the webserver or by company agent. It’s like eavesdropping which is known as listening to the private conversation secretly.

This attack “man in the middle attack” can come from anywhere like social media, online surfing (you visited Xyz.onion website), Emails (You opened an email and you click on unknown link).

Q. What are the signs of Man in the middle attacks?

  • You will get fake software updates from unknown software or from the notification bar.
  • Different type of login page starts appearing for asking your Username and password.
  • You will get lots of autoloading pages which will open your browser and start opening other websites.
  • Lots of popups with asking your credentials.
  • Unknown software starts running in the background.
  • Error Messages.

Q. How to stop these things ?

  • Simply stop your Wi-Fi by turning off your router.
  • If you have another computer then download Hitman Pro software, Malwarebytes software.
  • Start running the above software on your computer.
  • If you want to know How to use this software then watch the given video.

4. Is it safe to use Hotel Wi-Fi for Banking?

Using any public Wi-Fi is not secure for banking, Credit Card detain and for your private information. If you are in a five-star or seven-star hotels then I suggest, you can ask them about the Wi-Fi Name.

Most of the 5-star hotels maintain encrypted security for their users as they never want any customer to blacklist them.

However, Kindly ask everything from the hotel manager/staff about security and correct Wi-Fi Name.

5. Things to Avoid in Public Wi-Fi.

It’s really hard to explain how you can avoid these types of attacks as we all know technology is improving day by day and these type of advanced software will be developed in future but as the breaching software’s improving, on same time Cybersecurity is also improving.

So, the thing which you can do is you can use a VPN (Virtual private network) which deploy a shield of a secure connection for your browser so that you can remain secure while doing anything on Public Wi-Fi.

Now, most people want to know what exactly VPN Do ?

Here you Answer – VPN transmits your traffic through a server and hides your online activities and it also changes IP location. If you want to know more about VPN than watch the given Video.

6. How to be secure in Public Wi-Fi for Mobile Phone?

The best answer to this question is, you can use VPN for mobile phone. If you are an android or apple user then you can install free VPN from the Play Store or Apple Store. However, I suggest you buy a paid VPN which cost you cheaper.

As per My Suggestion, you can have “Private Internet Access VPN” – Click here to Visit.

PIA VPN is really cheap and you can connect your 10 devices simultaneously.


7. Software you can use to remain secure.

The software you can use or the software you will use to remove a problem like popups, infection Virus, malware, adware, etc.

First of all, I like to suggest you, if you do not have any problem as mentioned above then you can Download Norton Security. Norton Security is the best security I have ever seen in my whole career and the people who used Norton security never got 80% of virus issues on their computer.

We have fixed more than 100k computers out of which 20% (more or less) people were facing the same problem. I have used 2 to 3 tools to fix their problem and I am going to mention the same tools here.

a. Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes is the best tool as per my reference. It usually diagnoses your pc and removes all the malware from your computer.

Malwarebytes have real-time protection data files technology which detects the malware behavior and delete those infections from your computer.

If you have an infection virus, slow computer, random popup than I strongly suggest you to use Malwarebytes trial Version to remove your all infection Virus from your Computer and Mobile Phone.

Click here to Download Malwarebytes: Download Now

b. HitmanPro: HitmanPro is the other best software which I recommend you If you have lots of pop-ups problems in your PC then you can use HitmanPro.

It diagnoses your computer from deep down and gets rid of all infected virus which was causes you the problems.

It offers you a 30 Days trial which can help you to get rid of infectious virus from your computer for once but if you want to reuse HitmanPro that you have to buy a license.

8. Unsecure Wi-Fi Risks at Home.

As we use a Wi-Fi router to connect all devices to the internet. The unsecure Wi-Fi at home mostly happens when we forget to use the password for our Wi-Fi network.

When we use a password to connect with Wi-Fi it shows secure because we have a security code that can be only accessed with a certain number of words to be entered.

The users who can’t remember a password or do not know how to change the password of their Wi-Fi they always keep simple password like 123456789.

By keeping a simple password always lead us as unsecure home Wi-Fi because the people who have good knowledge of IT (Information technology) they can easily crack the password.

Now, as we all know what are the common reasons for unsecure home Wi-Fi? The most important factor we have to remember is “whom with we are sharing the password of our Wi-Fi”.

If you share a Wi-Fi password with the unknown person then he/she can get into your electronics which were connected to your Wi-Fi Network.

So always remember not to share the Wi-Fi password with the unknown person because he/she might get into your banking or your social profiles.

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