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Tezadvise.com means we are the website that delivers the best information on technical issues. We always search for the best possible solution to your technical issues or the post which we write.

We write the post with the depth of knowledge so that you can't miss a single step to fix your issue.

We have our experts and advisors who write every single post with the thought in mind that you are reading and doing every single step which we have written.

We understand some of you have better knowledge of technical and you do not want to read every single step. However, there are lots of people who do not have good knowledge about technical issues and they always every steps to be explained.

I hope you will have a great day ahead.   More About US Hi, guys, I hope you are doing well. I like to tell you all about Tezadvise.com. Why we have created this blog and what I am going to offer you on my blog/website. I have worked in tech companies for so long that its been 17.7 years since I am working for big brands.

I have received so many calls, and I have fixed so many computers by just following simple steps, which wherein the CRM ( Customer relationship management ). In some cases, those steps did not work for the user/customer, and the customer got fed up and hung up the call. They always call customer care to find the solution to there problem as soon as possible, but what if their warranty got expired. In those cases, as per the company rules, we have to ask them to renew there warranty instant of fixing their problem. This was the major problem for us who always search to solve the problem instead of transferring there call to the warranty department for the renewal of the team. That's why We quit our job and started this blog to bring the solution for our users. What I search for is the solution.

I know every single problem has lots of answers. It's not like you can't find the solution, but its all about making it easy to find the solution. When we get a problem, we always want to fix it as soon as possible without wasting time. I search for the topic on which I want to write and search for all possible solutions by reading tons of forum sites to bring those solutions for you. If, in any article, you will not find the solution, then please ask by commenting or simply contact us on our Facebook page or Facebook group. You can find our facebook page by writing Tezadvise.com on facebook search, and the group name is Tezadvise help center. I hope we will bring more and more solutions for you and all of my answers will solve your problem.

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